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About the BIFROST Network

The BIFROST Network Incentivized Testnet (BIT) is the final stage before the release of the BIFROST Network mainnet – a fast and scalable EVM-compatible blockchain that provides an all-in-one environment for developers to build multichain DApps. Based on the Substrate development framework, the BIFROST Network is a secure and decentralized general message-passing system that connects otherwise separated blockchains.

The main objective of BIT is to ensure that all elements of the network operate as intended by encouraging participants to perform stress tests. Participants will be asked to complete different tasks designed by the BIFROST Team and will be subsequently rewarded with BFC, the network’s native token.

Nodes of the BIFROST Network are similar to typical Substrate-based nodes, but the interoperability nature of the network also requires some additional features. Thus, the design of the BIFROST Network implies two types of nodes: a basic node and a full node. To find more information about the network and to check detailed guides, please visit docs.